The power of dynamic DOOH: New Vaseline campaign delivers content that responds to the weather


Posted: 03 Jun 2021


Tractor Outdoor recently partnered with Unilever brand Vaseline to launch an exciting new campaign, which used dynamic digital out of home media (DOOH) to serve relevant creative to audiences, via the media owner’s extensive network of digital billboards.

Dynamic DOOH that responds to real-time data

Explains Remi Du Preez, commercial director at Tractor Outdoor: “Vaseline wanted to engage its market in a visually compelling way, offering consumers a tactile experience that would demonstrate how its skincare range gives one healthier looking skin.”

Tractor Outdoor proposed a campaign concept that leveraged the capabilities of dynamic DOOH, which is able to respond to changes in conditional data, showcasing the potential of this exciting – and still largely untapped – medium.

Based on the insight that skin is affected by the climate in which one lives, says Du Preez: “The application allowed Vaseline to promote the relevant messaging or product variant in accordance with the different climatic conditions.”

Hello sunkissed skin!


Through weather triggering, the dynamic digital billboards reacted to current weather patterns, delivering creative that transformed according to whether it was sunny, overcast or raining on any given day.

“Our system uses application programming interfaces (APIs) to extract information from credible sources, building the triggers needed to automatically programme and update the campaign content in real-time. It integrates existing data feeds to optimise this content, increasing awareness, recall and perception.”

Du Preez maintains that this form of dynamic content creates a deeper connection with consumers, as messaging can be adapted or updated as needed in order to serve the right audience, at the right time.

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“DOOH is built to be accountable, creatively dynamic and flexible to advertisers, and the ability to change creative elements mid-campaign opens up a world of possibilities. We have barely scratched the surface in terms of the plethora of new innovative and data-driven applications it presents to marketers,” he says.

View a video on the campaign here:

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