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Youth Day: Tractor treats Bokamoso Education Trust to a day out at Acrobranch

Following the #BrightStart #YouthDay outing in Cape Town, Tractor decided to replicate this venture with their Johannesburg team.

Tractor contacted #Acrobranch to find out about funding a fun day out at one of their branches for the Bokamoso kids to enjoy some activities. Acrobranch agreed to treat the kids at their #Melrose branch where they got to enjoy climbing activities for all ages.

The #BokamosoEducationTrust enables people, who may not have the individual resources necessary, to support the schooling of a disadvantaged child. Through the collective donations of individuals, as well as corporations, #Bokamoso Education Trust is able to activate the financial muscle required to provide its beneficiary children with an education and gives these children the necessary start to optimize their lives.

The #Tractor team greeted the Bokamoso group of over 35 kids and 20 parents at the Melrose branch and the day of activities began with excited anticipation; the day ended with plenty of laughter, smiles and pizza. Tractor even received thank you letters written by the kids themselves the next day.

“Thank you so much for the most wonderful day out for our kids on Monday. The thank you letters said it all, they had the best day out, and their parents were so grateful too. I've attached some pics and will send some videos through. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for what you did to make our children feel so special. Your generosity and kindness blew them and their families away.’’ Says Cathrine du Toit, CEO of Bokamoso Education Trust.

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