Programmatic DOOH (pDOOH)

In the traditional online space, sellers of ad space can publish spaces that are available for sale and advertisers that are interested can bid on it with what they would be willing to pay for that space.

The transactions are moderated programmatically through a DSP (demand-side platform) for advertisers and an SSP (sell-side-platform) for media owners. An Ad Exchange would manage the transactions and place the ads instantaneously to the winning bid depending on the criteria put on the bid. Advertisers would purchase impressions calculated through a CPM.


Dynamic DOOH

Dynamic content creates an experience that’s customised specifically for the advertiser, using data to create, change and serve audiences; it integrates existing data feeds to optimize content to deliver a deeper engagement with their audience, increase awareness, recall and perception.

Digital screens are bold, vibrant and constantly displaying moving images. To take this approach further Tractor has implemented dynamic content to engage with audiences and deliver content that catches the eye.



The Shareable Billboard

DOOHshare is a fully customisable cross-platform linking digital-out-of-home (DOOH) to the online space. Built specifically for advertisers seeking new ways to engage users, it allows a user to deliver personalised content through a mobi-site which will be delivered on digital billboards in the real world of their choosing.

A controlled moderation process means that best practices in UX design are balanced with brand safety throughout. The experience is enhanced with the user receiving an image of themselves on a billboard which they can share socially to further expand the reach and creativity of an ad campaign.


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