Introducing DOOHshare: a new platform that makes consumers co-creators in advertising campaigns


Posted: 26 Nov 2020


Ever wonder what it would feel like to see your face or artwork on a billboard?Tractor Outdoor, one of South Africa’s largest out of home (OOH) and digital out of home (DOOH) media owners, is letting consumers experience this for themselves, with the launch of its new product, DOOHshare.

DOOHshare is a platform for marketers who seek to increase consumer engagement with their brand campaigns, marrying the inherently social nature of online media with the high visibility of a digital outdoor medium.

Says Remi Du Preez, commercial director at Tractor Outdoor: “DOOHshare is effectively a ‘shareable billboard’; a fully-customisable cross-platform that allows a user to submit personalised content through a mobi-site, which is subsequently flighted on a digital billboard.”

The platform was launched at this year’s Loerie Awards, which saw Tractor Outdoor partner with the long-standing creative institution as official sponsor for the OOH category.

The awards’ creative contingent uploaded images and artwork via the custom mobi-site as part of the media owner’s ‘15 Seconds of Fame’ campaign. Attendees were able to alter this content using a selection of in-built filters and editing tools, and once they were satisfied with the final product, they submitted it via the site and saw their creations come to life on a digital billboard of their choice.

“We can customise mobi-sites according to our clients’ requirements, which includes both the creative elements as well as the narrative that we aim to convey to consumers throughout their journey.”

Du Preez cites an example of a potential application. “Brands often run promos or competitions with a specific social media call-to-action; for example, users might be required to share an image of themselves interacting with the brand’s product online, in order to win a prize.

“DOOHshare effectively allows users to upload this content through the mobi-site, which is then flighted on a digital billboard, creating a tactical extension to the promotion by making the customer the ‘star’ of the advertising campaign.”

Du Preez highlights that this form of publishing is also bound to lead to higher engagement. “Social media has inadvertently given rise to consumers who are au fait with documenting their everyday lives online.

“Given the bigger ‘reward’ in the form of a highly visible, real-world platform, DOOHshare appeals to a generation that is already very comfortable with – and who enjoy – sharing their content with a large audience.”

While DOOHshare will excite many a brand, marketers would be forgiven for being cautious, given the potential PR disasters that may arise due to the public nature of the platform – but du Preez assures marketers that they retain full control of the campaign: “There is a team that moderates submissions before they are published. Once the content is approved, it is shared to a secure content library, where it will flight on the dedicated campaign billboards at a specific time.”

In addition, users will also receive an image of their custom creative on the digital billboard, which they can share on social media, further driving online engagement. “This is fully-trackable, meaning that we can monitor and measure the success of a campaign in real-time.”

DOOHshare also has cost-saving benefits for the advertiser. “There are fewer creative fees, as the role of content creation effectively shifts to the consumer, through making them a co-creator – and thus far more invested in your campaign.

“We are extremely excited by DOOHshare’s ability to seamlessly integrate the world of online with a high-reach, high-frequency, real-world medium, creating the potential for numerous innovative and exciting applications that will capture the imagination of consumers all across the country,” concludes du Preez.

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