Design Guidelines

Developing and creating great outdoor creatives can have major effects on your brand and ad recall. This will also determine the overall success of your campaign.

The following guidelines will help you craft more effective outdoor advertising creative executions.


Typographical Recommendations:

Artwork needs to be bold and simple, with a maximum of 1 heading, 1 subheading, and 2 logos (when necessary). The minimum size recommended for the texts is 11 pixels high.


Choose a strong, simple font. Keep your headings or captions in capitals. Keep all your sub-headings and phrases in lower-case, as it is easier to read.

Layout and Design:

Keep it simple! This means you should have one clear message and bold visuals and ensure that your advert will stand out from its surroundings. Keep any backgrounds uncomplicated. If it doesn’t add to your message, lose it. Ask yourself whether it will be legible from a distance and at speed. Can people identify that it’s your ad quickly?

Colour Recommendations:

For readability, avoid light colours on light backgrounds and dark on dark backgrounds. On light backgrounds, texts should be at most of 50% of the fund value.

Example: on white background grey text is no longer legible. For a coloured background a text is readable from less than about 50% of the value of the background.


Please note:

If your advert appears too distracting, or otherwise unsuitable (for example, the text is too small, there is too much copy, animation is too flashy, solid reds or greens are used), then we will request that it be amended as this can be hazardous to road and air safety.

Should your artwork require edits, we will need the open files, and/or separate logos and images in high resolution, as we cannot edit the completed Jpegs.


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