the client 

To offer South Africans more of the drinks they want, Coca-Cola recently introduced the first coffee infused cola drink to the South African market – Coca-Cola Plus Coffee. An infusion of 100% Brazilian coffee bean powder with original Cola-Cola.

 the campaign 

Over the years, the popularity of coffee and other beverages containing caffeine has been on the rise. Our increasingly busy lifestyles have led to people seeking out an energy boost during the day in order to keep functioning, and the general ‘pick-me-up’ of choice is caffeine. As a response to this growing need for an energy boost, Coca-Cola Plus Coffee was designed to target the mid-afternoon energy slump that is so often experienced in the working world. To introduce this new drink to those who need it the most, Coca-Cola teamed up with Tractor Outdoor to promote their new product offering to people who are always on-the-go. To reach the intended market, Coca-Cola chose boom media advertising in office parks to grab the attention of the ‘energy-boost’ seekers. With boom media, Coca-Cola was able to place their advertisements 10 feet from their target market, directly in their line of sight. What made this an ideal option for Coca-Cola is the fact that it is a very targeted advertising medium that helps ensure that the intended audience is actually seeing it.   


What better way to reach their desired market than using an effective close proximity medium that vehicle owners are presented with when entering or exiting the parking area. Vehicle owners spend on average 9.2 seconds positioning their car to take a ticket from the automated parking machine, plus an extra 3.5 seconds waiting for the boom gate to open – ample time to take note of the advertisement in front of them. With no other advertisements competing for attention in the same space, boom media offered Coca-Cola a means of reaching their captive market through repetition in a non-competitive environment. Advertisers have been finding it increasingly difficult to compete for the attention of their target markets in cluttered spaces, so Coca-Cola chose the medium that eliminates this problem. 


 the result 

This medium is great to cut through the advertising clutter within the CBD. It is really cost effective as it reaches people in business parks which makes this a very targeted medium with very little media wastage.

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