Case Study

The Client

When a child goes missing, the first 24 hours are critical. As more time passes, the statistical likelihood of finding the child alive drops drastically. This is where the role of the community becomes so critical in recovering a lost child; and the more people who are aware that a child is missing, the better the chances.

We partnered with Missing Children South Africa (MCSA), an organisation that assists the authorities whenever a child goes missing, to speedily return missing children safely to their homes.

The Campaign

We have offered up our country-wide digital billboard network – which reaches more than 30 million consumers each month – to the organisation on a no-charge basis, allowing for the rapid communication of new missing child alerts to key areas, as well as high-traffic locations such as highways and petrol stations.

We approached MCSA with the intent of creating a digital channel that would facilitate fast-to-market communication close to areas where the child in question was last seen.

This approach has been very successful in the United States; media owners and authorities collaborate closely when matters of national concern arise, and Tractor wanted to replicate this model closer to home. This form of community-centric collaboration is an ongoing drive for Tractor Outdoor.

The Results

As of this date, we’ve flighted a total of 19 cases to 155 screens nationwide. The campaign received a total of 49,630 ad plays (total equivalent of 129 days/3,100 hours) and 772,225 ad views to the rate card equivalent of R142,790 per month.

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