the client 

ArtPublika aims to invigorate the public sphere with the arts by experimenting with various projects from showcasing artwork on public platforms to funding initiatives to make the productions free for everyone to consume and admire.

 the campaign 

The main aim of this particular campaign was to not only provide access to art in a public space, but also make art freer to be consumed by a broader portion of the public. Artpublika’s strategy was to showcase artists’ artwork in a way that's not hidden away in a gallery or that excludes anyone, it needed to be in a public and shared non-exclusive space.


Taking these factors into consideration they felt that billboards made the most sense. Artpublika approached Tractor Outdoor when searching for OOH space and found that they had the best well-positioned billboard locations within Cape Town CBD. 


Artpublika felt that they aren’t just looking to target a selected audience but all motorists and pedestrians in order for them to be able to see, stop and take in all the art glory.


 the result 

The medium of OOH in itself served the purpose of this campaign, by allowing the public to see what individuals are capable of. Artpublika currently has one of their featured artist’s artwork Robyn Pretorius flighted on one of Tractor’s Cape Town CBD billboards.